Ali Hussan Ahmed

Web Designer - Bristol

I'm a React Developer with an affinity for technology, I create web applications and design user interfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I specialise in Web design in Bristol. My passion for design stems from my appreciation of beauty in well-designed products that have functions to match their brand identity. I love the challenge of creating something new every day.

Web Designer - Bristol

Website Speed Matters

Slow service from waiters at a restaurant often results in negative customer reviews and fewer future customers. Similarly, slow site speed can result in poor search engine rankings, lower overall traffic to the site and bad user experiences.

Google prioritizes getting relevant information to its users as quickly as possible. Site performance is an important factor in Google search rankings, and especially so on a mobile device.

Websites done differently

What makes me unique in the developing world is that I don't use WordPress, or page builders. I meticulously write the code line by line. This gives me much more control over web design and lightning-fast performance because there's no bloated or messy code slowing it down.

Websites built by hand will out-perform most WordPress sites and drag and drop page builders which could cost thousands of pounds! When it comes to building a website for your business, speed matters as does organisation - this is why websites built with my hands beat those made on a CMS (content management system). It's not necessarily about what technology you're using but how well organised you are when coding.

Freelance Web Designers or Agency? Web Design in Bristol

Freelancers are more affordable and personal. Freelancers will often care about your project as if it were their own, not just another job for the day. It's not unusual for web design agencies to charge a lot of money but provide low-quality work in return.

When you look at freelancer rates, it's easy to see why they might be appealing: with them, you'll get better value and focus on what matters most - delivering quality results that serve your needs best!


The Hanham Clinic

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Central Snooker Club

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A-hAAn News

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